newdomains 2013


27. Oktober 2013 00:00 - 29. Oktober 2013 06:00

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Sofitel Bayerpost München

newdomains 2013

The largest European conference on new TLDs

Munich, October 27-29, 2013

About the conference and new Top-Level Domains

In November 2000, the ICANN board approved the addition of seven new top-level domains. Since then, new top-level domains such as .info, .asia and .tel have been created. In 2013 we will witness the launch of a series of new extensions leading to hundreds of new TLDs in 2014. This unprecedented TLD growth poses unique chances for applicants (registries), brand owners and future domain name owners alike.

For registries the success of a TLD is highly dependent on successful marketing and a long- term business strategy. Learning from previous TLD launches in order to achieve long- lasting and continuous demand over time is important for most TLDs. Brand owners will have to develop a strategy on how to protect their intellectual property and registrants will have to decide, which TLDs are most likely to fit their requirements.

Intended for industry decision makers and participants, the conference will assemble experts of the internet community to discuss important changes to the top-level domain structure and their resulting implications. The conference includes expert presentations, panel discussions, question and answer sessions and provides an environment for open dialogue.
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